The Cost of Task Management

5 May 2011

In looking for a new task management system, I’ve been amazed by the price.


OS X: £44.99

iPad: £23.99

iPhone: £11.99

— — — — — — — — — — -

Total: £80.97


OS X: £29.99

iPad: £11.99

iPhone: £5.99

— — — — — — — — — —

Total: £47.97


Universal iOS app £3.99, but apparently no desktop or web client (although it will sync with Outlook and iCal).

So far, based on cost vs. features, Flow ($9.99 a month) with a very good web interface and a free iPhone app is the winner. No iPad app, but they seem to be pretty new, although that’s about eight months and one would have Things, and thirteen months OmniFocus.

Or I could just get a Moleskine Ruled Notebook (13 x 21cm) at £7.80 and a pen.

Or carry on forgetting to do things…

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