Camping at BUMM1

14 Aug 2017

Overlooking Lake Sonoma is Bummer Hill, which has two hike-to campgrounds on it, BUMM1 and BUMM2. All tells the visitor about these sites is that you can bring domestic pets, and that there’s some shade. Oh and they’re hike-in. Beyond that, information is a little sparse: this post will hopefully be picked up by Google so that someone staying there can find a bit more.


  • Toilets, non-flushing
  • Picnic table
  • Hook to suspend food off the ground
  • Fire ring with grill
  • Rattle snake(s)

Location: 38.701563, -123.028418 (this is actually the toilets; the two campsites are just below)

Water: there is no water at this site. Water can be drawn from the lake, which is a 1km hike, with 151m of descent to the lake:

Morning Hike with a lake swim | Strava

Using an MSR Trailshot, we suffered no ill-effects from drinking lake water.

Accessing the campsite

The campsite is best accessed from the carpark at 38.714328, -123.035634, off Rockpile Road. A 2.5km hike, with modest elevation change, will take you along No Name Trail, to the fire road. Take the fire road south-east, and keep going.

Morning Hike | Strava

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