2020-12-21 Jupiter/Saturn Conjuction

In my last post, I wrote about the maths behind getting maximum exposure with minimal motion blur using my Sony Nex 7, and predicting that exposure for a given focal length. This maths - originally using the 500 rule, re-writing it to a 200 rule, served as a useful guide to start the images, but still requires some fine-tuning, probably with a scalar factor for the lens length, instead of a fixed integer.

I was lucky enough to have a break in fog and a high hill to climb to see the conjunction, and took two photos I was pleased with (out of about 30). The landscape photo was taken at 50mm, and the portrait taken with a 10mm exposure. I took several exposures at 200mm, but was unsatisfied with the results, due to the noise being too high from the ISO.

50mm, f/1.8, 4s exposure, ISO 100
10mm, f/4, 8s exposure, ISO 400
Ze Stuart

Ze Stuart