Travelling as a vegan, especially from a vegan friendly area like the East Bay, can be fraught with terror of starvation by eating cardboard.

It doesn't have to be this way: with a few precautions, a vegan can eat as well at home as abroad, and possibly better.

Happy Cow

Douglas Adams suggested never travel without a towel: a vegan should never travel without Happy Cow. It's a community-maintained resource of all vegan places to eat (well, most), complete with opening hours and ratings.

Happy Cow has iOS and Android apps, that allow saving of restaurants for easy reference, and it includes not just restaurants, but shops that will smell like the plant-based shops one is used to (I don't know what that smell is, I imagine it's the residue of tears of relief of hippies finding a natural foods store).

Other research

DuckDuckGo the place name and vegan food. Failing that, use Google.

Future foods

Soylent and their ilk get a lot of flack for a variety of reasons, but once one accepts that not every meal has to be a gourmet experience, and that it's OK to have some meals that are simply fuel, these become a wonderful tool. I often travel with a bag of Soylent powder and a blender bottle, or Huel bars. When none of the options sensibly available satisfy my criteria, I'll use these to pass a meal, checking the boxes of both nutrition and ethics.

Learn to ask

German: "Ist es vegan?" (Is it vegan?) "Habe dich vegane essen?" (Do you have vegan food? "Warum nicht?" Why not?)
French: "Est-il végétalien?" (Is it vegan?)

And so on. Anywhere that doesn't want to make a plant-based meal isn't worth eating at, anyway.

Places that have surprised me

Vienna was a tremendous surprise: I found two incredible vegan places on Happy Cow, and stumbled across another two on the way there. Paris too, much to my surprise, given the French reputation for worshiping at the animal-based alter, is thick with plant-based food. London too, much to my surprise, puts the East Bay, with it's plant-worshiping heliotrpoic hippy culture to shame.