Minimum Equipment List for Swimming

  1. Swimmers
  2. Goggles
  3. Ear plugs
  4. Towel (if not provided by the facility)

Additions for high-chlorine pools

  1. Swimming cap
  2. Nose clip
  3. Swimming-specific shampoo/shower gel and conditioner (I like California Baby: vegan and cruelty-free)
  4. Possibly: nasal rinse post-swim
  5. Possibly: fluticasone fuorate nasal spray
  6. Moistiruser

Additions for quantification of effort

  1. Watch (currently, 2018-07, Suunto 9)
  2. Chest strap HRM compatible with watch

Additions for ease

  1. Ameo Powerbreather

Additions for openwater swiming

  1. In the case of exposure: wetsuit, neoprene cap, neoprene gloves
  2. Possibly: Speedo Nemesis fins
  3. Tinted Goggles
  4. Swim buoy, potentially with food/drink
  5. Tell someone swimming area, expected in-time, and when expected to return

Dealing with the side-effects of high-chlorine pools

Side-effect: dry, itching skin

  1. Soap twice with swimming-specific wash
  2. Moisturise effected areas post-swim
  3. In exteremis, apply petroleum jelly to susceptible areas to reduce chlorine/skin contact

Side-effect: heavily blocked nose

Probably chlorine-related reaction.

  1. Blow nose.
  2. Rinse nose as soon as possible with saline.
  3. Apply fluticasone fuorate nasal spray as directed.
  4. If necessary, apply decongestant, such as oxymetazoline HCI 0.05%, although this can cause rebound congestion, so keep as a last resort
  5. Wear nose clip for next swim